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May 23, 2016 Category: Anal , Big Cock , Tattoo

Five years ago I enter in the wonderful world of porn productions. I always been fascinated in the sex work and have been present on and off screens a little bit around the world. 

With an incredible production team and association with gaypornetwork affiliate program, we created scenes based on my sexy sex life and  the fantasies I was dying to live. With new camera technology and a cutting edge editing we are bringing back class to the adult industry. We want to show the softer and more romantic side of porn production. Extreme close ups, slow motions, drone shots will bring a more cinematographic point of view to sex. will also take you behind the scene of my sex life with exclusive GoPro sex videos and we will show you exclusive footage of my travels, experiences, events and more. Follow the ups and downs of my love life and Once a month I will invite fans in my home for a chat/performance day to answer all of your questions and also to show you live stream sex.
And don’t you go thinking that all these scenes are just about me. We were able to collaborate with some of the biggest names of the porn industry such as Darius Ferdinand, Jessie Colter, Trenton Ducati, Dominic Pacifico and many more to come. wants to redefine the quality and set new standards in the world of gay porn. We want to be as present as possible within the blogs and promise to give you great content and high quality pictures/ tools to promote the scenes the best way possible.
Sending you guys big kisses from Montreal and hope you will all fall in love with

Love,Brandon Jones

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